It’s no question Sheboygan County is a seller’s market – but that doesn’t mean you can skimp on the details when it comes time to sell your home. Real estate agents like those at Village Realty & Development aren’t just there to help you get top dollar, but they’re also there to help you devise the perfect plan to get there in the quickest amount of time.  Proven to have one of the highest average home sale prices in Sheboygan County at $240,019 in 2021, broker

Renee Suscha knows Village Realty and its agents can provide you with the winning formula.

1. Understand your home’s true value

One of the biggest misconceptions for sellers, Suscha explained, is determining their home’s actual value. Most sellers have a hard time removing their personal value to the home or rely on other websites. “Today a lot of people go to a real estate website, which is not a very good resource to use to determine the true value of a home,” she said. “It’s good for benchmark, but not when it comes time to sell. For example, they’re going to take homes that are closeto each other to determine the value of a home. So if you have a home overlooking Lake Michigan that’s worth $1 million and then two blocks away you have an average house that truly is only worth $250,000, when you go to a real estate website it’s going to come up and say a home that’s two blocks away from the water is probably worth about $600,000, and that gives the seller a false sense of what it’s really worth.”

2. Find your listing agent

Having an agent – and access to their market data – will help you determine that true value. Village Realty is home to nearly 20 of those agents that cover everything from Milwaukee to Green Bay. “Village Realty does a little more training with our Realtors. We really focus on the importance of communication,” Suscha said. “Even if a seller doesn’t have any activity on their home for a week, it’s important to communicate with them to let them know what you’re doing to make sure next week is better. Communication is imperative to the successful relationship between a Realtor and a seller.”

3. Clean, declutter and neutralize
You want buyers to be able to see themselves in your home. If your home has lime green shag carpeting, is overflowing with items or has a lingering pet smell, that’s much harder for them to do.  This also extends to the
outside of the home.  Sellers will want to be sure their home’s siding or paint is fresh, loose railings or gutters are

fixated and the landscaping is well cared for.

4. Make necessary repairs

You may have gotten used to the cracks in your walls, squeaks of your floors or rattles in the radiator, but buyers have not. Buyers will snoop around looking for imperfections, both inside and outside, and the agents at Village Realty can help spot those for you.

5. Consider staging your home
It’s likely professional photos will be taken of your home, so you want to make that lasting image a positive one. Professional stagers can either bring new furniture and decor into your home or help you rearrange what you already